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Rick Warman Bio
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      "Ricky Lee" leads the family band as lead singer, guitarist, and father. With his forty years of musical experience, Rick has been in every type of band there is from 90s Country to CountryGrass, to Oldies Rock, to 30+ years as a worship leader. And performed all around the world from Siberia, St Petersburg, & Moscow Russia, to Amsterdam, to the good ole USA from CA to TX to TN. In 2016 Rick started teaching his daughters music in church, Presley the electric bass guitar and Jessica the cajon box drum/percussion. 


      Growing up as a rebel youth in the 70s, Rick heard all the great music of the 50s from his father's radio. Flash forward (I won't say how many years) Rick leads his family band singing those same 50s songs that he grew up playing a plastic guitar to. 

      Rick is a jack of all trades - he entered Russia when the Iron Curtain came down as a missionary in the early 90s, did missions in deep Mexico, owned a commercial landscape company in CA & north Nashville, has built a house with the family from the ground up, and been head worship leader in multiple churches across TN. Rick is about to celebrate 30 years of marriage with Tracy, the kind, amazing, introverted wife and mother behind the scenes.

    At home, Rick enjoys keeping a steady lead guitar soundtracking everyone's life (even during movies), driving through the mountains with his coffee, riding his bicycle around town, watching murder-mysteries, and still returns to watch the good old cinema from the 50s & 60s. 

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Presley Warman

Oldest Daughter, 23

      Presley Jewell is the older of the two daughters. Slappin' and dancing away with her dance partner of 3 years, "Rosie" the doghouse bass. Presley's show reminds of the era when Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly (her inspirations) were the performers on screen; putting on a professional and entertaining show of singing and dancing all with a smile. 


    Off-stage, Presley is the manager for The Warman Trio (family & band), a work-a-holic ensuring that everyone can see their 1950s Show. Handling bookings, scheduling, website creation and management, creating all video content (Gig Logs, Spoof Skits, Updates, etc), editing photos, and making sure the band runs on time. Her biggest project for the band has been the newly released "Rock Around The Clock" Music Video. 

     Growing up, the daughters were out working and landscaping every morning with dad, homeschooling every afternoon with mom, and learning worship & 50s music at night. Presley loved the work, Jessica tried to love the work. 

      Presley has always had a passion for learning; academics, cosmetology, fitness & nutrition, finances, filmography, music, dancing... and is passionate about personal development. She has been blessed to train under some of the top upright bassists in the world. 

       At home, Presley fills her free-time with heading up multiple personal projects, taking peaceful walks around Townsend, listening to AudioBible and Podcasts such as John Maxwell, Luke Belmar, & Jordan Peterson, and working alongside her roommate, best friend, and sister: Jessica. 

Presley Warman Bio
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Jessica Warman

Youngest Daughter, 21

     Jessica Faith is the youngest of the family. In her kitten heels, she performs a comical, personality filled show on stage with the Stand-Up Drum Kit and is a force to be reckoned with. She draws inspiration from Rowen Atkinson and other comedians with her expressive show. 

     Off-stage, Jessica runs all the social media for the band, handles everything artistic (logos, posters, etc), co-manages the merchandise with dad, and is an expert music-gear packer. 

     Growing up, the daughters were out working and landscaping every morning with dad, homeschooling every afternoon with mom, and learning worship & 50s music at night. When Jessica was little, she was always outside playing with her Barbie dolls and creating her own worlds amidst the flowers

     Jessica has always been artistically inclined; writing, drawing, dancing, crafting, decorating, and engineering. For over 5 years she has created other "worlds" (Fantasy Fiction) and is an avid writer. She is a major animal-lover and children of every age gravitate towards her. 

      At home, Jessica enjoys writing, running her multiple social media accounts, building doll houses, listening to AudioBible, Keith Greene, and George Janko Show, and snuggling her puppy. 

Jessica Warman Bio
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